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HuddleApp & Beyond...

While HuddleApp started as an event app to dynamize our own, and other gastronomic events, it’s now being used for all kinds of events and conferences. From technology to sports events, HuddleApp is changing the game for esteemed clients that include; TED, IE and Seedrocket.

Happy Clients

    See how some of our clients have customized HuddleApp to meet their needs:



    Weber Shandwick is using Huddleapp for multiple events around the world in the coming year. In just 3 days, Huddleapp created an app versatile enough to adapt to needs of the many events they organize. Thanks to their personalized back-end, Weber Shadwick has the ability to change the information to fit the purpose of each event. Not only does the app present information regarding each event such as purpose, location, speakers and time, the app allows attendees to register for the event more quickly and efficiently.


    See the Weber Shandwick app now >>


     Federación Española del Vino logo



    The Spanish Wine Federation (FEV) used Huddleapp to bring together both producers and retailers of all types of wine products. Because they believe wine is a staple of the Mediterranean diet, they used Huddleapp to promote their association, and 3 separate events at Expovinis (Brazil), SIWS (Korea) and TopWine China (China). Huddleapp provided updated information on event participants, types of wines, and tastings to all attendees. By scanning a QR code, participants were able to access this information more quickly and efficiently.  More than 2100 users used the app to register for tastings over the course of the event!

    See the FEV app now >>


    wines from spainbig

     Wines from Spain




    Wines from Spain used HuddleApp Their events for  Spain’s Great Match,  which took place in New York and Los Angeles. For both events they used the same application, which included information about restaurants, warehouses, wines, and other products from Spain. The application allowed the attendees to rank all of these categories throughout the event. Also Wines of Spain used the application to conduct contests. 

     See the Wines of Spain app now >>








    The Coffee Fest. After the success that Huddleapp’s coffee fest app had on Their Atlanta event, Coffee Fest has decided to repeat the experience by using our app for Their Chicago and Portland events. The customized app includes more than 700 pages, With information about exhibitors, chat room, social media wall, and all of the event’s schedule and information: such as programming. The app allowed the Coffee Fest event to be experienced by the attendees before, during, and after It Took place. 

    See the Coffee Fest app now >>





    Ski Arias is an official agent CMH (Canadian Mountain Holidays). Through STI app, it shows the overall information and personalized itinerary of each skiers’ trip: flights, hotels, activities, and much more. Beyond that information, the application is also a tool for communication between the skiers being that they have made use of the chat module. At all times the skier knows, with just one click, what part of the holiday program they are currently are in and is what is going to happen.

    See the CMH app now >>





    Vintry Fine Wines sells more than 2,500 different wines from around the world. They are using Their HuddleApp to help organize wine tasting events. The application Allows attendees to register, rate wines, subscribe, and social access their wall. The application Gives attendees access to the events’ programming and logistics Including an event map. 



    gatrooms berlin

    Gatrooms Berlin and Lisbon Hotels are using Huddleapp as concierge staff that is just one click away. They provide information to clients about their shops, restaurants, museums, bars, and other locals sites available in both cities. They engage their customers with their personalized selection of hot spots, as well as, hotel services and external collaborators that include guides, bicycle rentals, massages, etcetera.

    See the Berlin app now >>
    See the Lisbon app now >>



    Gallina Blanca Star, a Spanish food multinational present in 50 Countries, used for an internal HuddleApp allowing international event attendees to register through the app, as well as, providing information about the program and logistics. The site has more than 1000 visits with an average of almost 4 minutes per visit.

    See the app now >>



    Rueda (The top-selling white wine Denomination of Origin in Spain) used HuddleApp for Their Verdejo Day celebration June 12th at four locations in the US (New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles). In addition to providing information about how to get to the venue,  wine, and wineries.  Rueda HuddleApp used to give online visibility to the event with the HuddleApp SocialWall where attendees, as well as followers of DO on Facebook and Twitter, could view all the postings using the hashtag Verdejo Day. The site has more than 3500 visits with an average of almost 2 minutes per visit.

    See the app now >>






    The Cava Institute is an association that brings together the main Cava Producers in Spain and is associated With 55 wineries. After the success of Huddleapp at their Norwegian event, The Cava Insitute decided to use it for all of its national and international promotional events. They use it to update information on activities, tastings, wineries and tasting notes (with video and photography) of each Cava. 

    See the app now >>


    HuddleApp for American Pistachio Growers


    American Pistachio Growers HuddleApp used for four events in four different cities resulting in a total of 2,200 visits and averaging more than 3 minutes per visit. HuddleApp APG has used a number of times, for a variety of events. They’ve used it at trade shows in San Francisco, in Lyon to generate visits to their stand, in Barcelona for a private VIP party where they engaged attendees with games, music, pictures, and video, and in Granada, at The Specialized Nutrition where they used HuddleApp Conference to provide attendees with information on research and recipes for Pistachios.

    See the app now >>



    The Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX) used for the Hofex HuddleApp Tradeshow in Hong Kong. Thanks to HuddleApp 56 Spanish Food & Wine companies were able to provide continually updated information about their company and products (125 in total), as well as increase their participation in the event with video, images, and links to social networks. With HuddleApp, ICEX was reliable to offer attendees important information about seminars, and update them constantly about companies’ activities without having to waste money on printing materials and resources. HuddleApp received more than 1000 visits with an average of more than 2 minutes per visit.

    See the app now >>